The Importance of Committees
Every organization needs leaders and every leader needs a strong team to help guide the direction the organization takes. SDA New York is no different. Our committees are tasked to help shape our goals enhance and foster a solid networking community among administrative and operation professionals within the AEC Community.

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Following is a list of the Standing and Special Committees of the NY Chapter of the Society for Design Administration including contact information for the current Committee Chairs.


The duties of this Committee shall be to:

  • Find hosts for Best Business Practices Lunches.
  • Coordinate preparation of Best Business Practices announcement.

Chairperson: Kim Celenza
Members: Peggy McGrath; Mike Jones; Carol Monahan; Juanita Brown; Ralph Defaria


This committee shall:

  • Consider, edit and/or correlate such amendments as it may originate and as are referred to it by the Board.
  • Submit proposed Chapter Bylaws to National Bylaws Committee for review and/or approval prior to voting by Chapter Members and enactment.
  • Maintain a file copy of the current Bylaws and Standing Rules, including applicable National amendments.
  • Provide a signed copy for the files of National Headquarters.
  • Prepare any proposed amendments to the National Bylaws for review by the Board and approval prior to submission to National.
  • Advise the Chapter in writing as to the procedure for reconciling a conflict.

Chairperson: Amy Nanni, CDFA
Members: Ellen Blumenthal


Co-Chairperson: Amy Nanni, CDFA
Members: Arnhild Buckhurst; Jennifer Greene; Pat Leyden, CDFA; Ellie Tsakonas, CDFA; Stanley Wong (All committee members can be reached at


The duties of this Committee shall be to:

  • Obtain National’s approval of seminars that qualify for certification and continuing education requirements.
  • Assist members seeking certification with their applications to National.

Chairperson: Jennifer
Members: Ellie Tsakonas, CDFA


This committee shall consist of the Treasurer as Chairperson, the Immediate Past President/Director and the President. Their duties shall be to:

  • Prepare the budget for the coming year.
  • Obtain approval of the annual budget by the Board.
  • Provide each Officer and Committee Chairperson with an estimated budget for that office or Chairpersonship.
  • Make pertinent recommendations as to financial operation of the Chapter.

Chairperson: Mary Ann Goduco
Members: Peggy McGrath; Maria Iacovone


The duties of this committee shall be to:

  • Maintain, in confidentiality, information regarding openings at various firms, and regarding positions being sought.
  • Match openings to positions requested as directed by the employer and the applicant.
  • Publish openings as they become available.
  • Send, when confirming a placement, a Request for Donation, in addition to a Thank You note for utilizing the services of the Committee, and to forward any donations/contributions received to the Treasurer.

Chairperson: Ellen Straus


The duties of this Committee shall be to:

  • With the Board’s approval, prepare and publish current information about the Chapter.
  • Prepare publicity statements for release through all available news media, publications of the AIA, and other publications and trade journals.
  • Prepare material for upload to Chapter website and keep material on website current
  • Work on creating promotional events and products to create non-dues revenue for the Chapter.
  • Prepare and coordinate invitations and mailings for special events.
  • Coordinate the development and publication of the New York Chapter website.
  • Write or solicit material for website.
  • Keep material on website current.
  • Develop ideas for future updates and new webpages.

Chairperson: Jennifer
Members: Lyndon Lorenz; Amy Nanni, CDFA; Stanley Wong


The duties of this committee shall be to:

  • Maintain an accurate roster of present members.
  • Establish contact with prospective members.
  • Maintain a packet of current information on the Chapter for distribution to prospective members.
  • Welcome new members to the Chapter and invite them to upcoming events

Chairperson: Ellie Tsakonas, CDFA
Members: Ross Arnel; Ralph de Faria; Stacey Ann Ottley; Larry Seamon


This committee shall be comprised of long time members in good standing who have a wealth of knowledge in our Professional Emphasis Groups (PEGs). The goal of the committee is to assist new members with becoming familiar with our organization and getting the most out of their membership. It is accomplished in various ways, such as:

  • Exposure to our various resources
  • Expanding your network of A/E/C contacts
  • Professional and personal growth

Chairperson: Ellie Tsakonas, CDFA
Members: Ralph de Faria


The duties of this Committee shall be to:

  • Develop and administer programs of continuing education for the membership.
  • Plan and administer seminars.
  • Share program and seminar information with other chapters and National.
  • Promote certification of members.

Chairperson: Diana Salazar
Members: Ross Arnel; Ralph de Faria; Maria Iacovone


The duties of this Committee shall be to:

  • Find locations of interest to conduct Architectural Tours.
  • Coordinate preparation of Tour announcement.

Chairperson: Jennifer M. Greene
Members: Arnhild Buckhurst; Maria Iacovone

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