Meet the current Board of Directors of the SDA New York Chapter!

Kim joined the SDA New York in 2013 and was our 2015 Member of the Year. Most recently, Kim served as Recording Secretary for the 2016-2017 term, as well as chaired SDA New York’s Marketing/Public Relations committee for the past 2 years.

Pat Leyden, CDFA, has been a member of SDA since 2004.  She is a past president of the NY Chapter and is currently serving as Advisor to the Board.  Pat has served on the SDA National Executive Committee as both Vice President and Treasurer.  She is also a member of the Canstruction New York Committee.
Jennifer Greene joined the SDA New York in 1992. She has served on several chapter committees and as vice president, president and director of the chapter. Jennifer has been an advisor to the board since 2002.
ElenaElena Gutierrez, Administrative Assistant, Langan

Elena is hard-working, passionate and a dedicated team-member. She is consistent, and very active in the pursuit of finding ways to grow in her career. Elena is responsive, personable and finds values in forming strong relationships with peers both at Langan and outside. Her coworkers and supervisors turn to her for anything because they know she is reliable and know she can get the job done. Elena is the recipient of the 2020 Star Award for the New York Chapter.

When she is not working, Elena is doing CrossFit. She enjoys setting new weight-lifting records and competing from time to time with other CrossFit athletes across the nation. If she is not at the gym, you can find her traveling for music festivals and conferences.

Kelly Loughran, Administrative Assistant, LANGAN.

Kelly officially joined SDA New York in 2016 as CanStruct-A-Member, but immediately sought out opportunities to get involved and has been instrumental in bringing quality programming to SDA New York’s educational programs. Kelly was the New York Chapter’s 2017 Member of the Year.

Amy Nanni, CDFA, Facilities & Administration, CONSTRUCT Architecture Studio. Amy joined SDA in January 2004. She served as the New York Chapter President in 2006 and 2007. She served two years as the SDA National Vice President and has served on several local and national SDA committees. Amy is an invaluable asset to the entire SDA.
Peggy McGrath, Director of Administration, PERKINS EASTMAN ARCHITECTS. Peggy joined SDA in 2012. She stepped into the position of President in 2014, and has continued serving the SDA NY board as Past President/Director and Advisor since the end of her term in January 2016.